The Lords of the Fallen 1

The Lords of the Fallen made a slightly odd first impression when it was first announced back in 2018. Originally titled Lords of the Fallen 2, it's a sequel to Lords of the Fallen — the 2014 Souls-like action RPG — and it dropped the '2' last year when the project was re-revealed. The good news is that the game has looked promising since, boasting an intriguing gothic art style and impressing with a couple of cool trailers.

And while The Lords of the Fallen doesn't yet have a release window, developer Hexworks is keen to keep the hype train rolling. It's published a range of new screenshots that are very visually impressive, and we've embedded high quality versions throughout this article.

Looks great, doesn't it? Hopefully we learn more about The Lords of the Fallen in the coming months. In the meantime, the official press release reads: "An expansive RPG experience — filled with NPC quests, compelling characters, and rich narrative — players will need to create their own hero before tackling the immersive single-player campaign. They will also have the option to invite a second player to join their adventure in uninterrupted online co-op — a new feature for the franchise."

Do you have high hopes for The Lords of the Fallen? Prepare to slay some nightmarish beasts in the comments section below.