Recently delayed for the umpteenth time, it's hard to get too psyched for Skull and Bones, as who knows when we will finally get our hands on the finished product. Still, we are always happy to see new gameplay, and Ubisoft has given us exactly that, with more than 30 minutes of developer-led pirate action.

Taking place during the chaotic closing days of the 17th century, Skull and Bones tasks players with building a pirate empire stretching from Africa to the East Indies, preying upon the lucrative trade routes and the merchants brave enough to ply them. The setting itself looks like a fascinating one and looks like it will provide the perfect backdrop for some nautical misadventure.

Have the repeated delays of Skull and Bones taken the wind out of your sails? Or does this latest look at the game put a spring in your step? Walk the plank into the comments section below.