Jumping Flash! PS1

Sony has quietly updated another Classic game included in the PS Plus Premium lineup with Trophy support well after launch. Joining Super Stardust Portable and No Heroes Allowed is PS1 game Jumping Flash! with 15 gongs to unlock, which includes a Platinum Trophy. The Trophy list should be live now, so you can start working towards unlocking the top prize today.

With Sony updating yet another Classic title, the move suggests there are ongoing efforts at the company to give these older games more features — and thus, more reason to play them. Enhancements like up-rendering, rewind functionality, quick saves, and custom video filters are already built into these ports, and Trophies will always be welcomed too.

To unlock the Platinum Trophy in Jumping Flash!, you'll need to finish all the bonus stages and perform specific actions in levels. You'll also need to beat a boss without jumping and have nine lives at any one time. Are you going to return to this Classic game to unlock the Platinum Trophy? Let us know in the comments below.

[source exophase.com]