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Update: We told you an announcement was imminent, and it looks like it’s coming on 31st January, 2023. The official account for arcade racer The Crew has effectively confirmed that a sequel will be revealed at 9AM PST/5PM GMT, presumably for PS5 (and potentially even PS4 as well). We’ll of course bring you all the news, as it breaks.

Original Article: There’s no question that arcade racers are one of PlayStation’s weak points right now. The console brand, famous for the likes of Ridge Racer and WipEout in its early years, has been without a significant sideways car game for some time. The latest Need for Speed, Unbound, is decent – but Microsoft and Nintendo still hold the crown, with Forza Horizon 5 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe respectively. Sony doesn’t have an answer.

While the third game in The Crew series – strongly rumoured to be called The Crew Motorsport – will almost certainly be multiformat, it’s got a shot at filling the void. The Crew 2, maligned at launch, actually has retained a large and dedicated community, thanks to plenty of post-release updates and an enormous, multi-faceted open world. It looks like developer Ivory Tower will build on that soon, with the next title in the series.

A source of speculation for quite some time, Insider Gaming notes that dataminers have discovered references to an Insider Program for The Crew Motorfest. The title will allegedly run on a new engine, and is set on the Hawaii island of Oahu, promising bright blue skies and crystal clear oceans – the perfect backdrop for an arcade racer, in our opinion. An announcement is apparently imminent, and the existence of an Insider Program almost confirms as much.

We’re looking forward to this. The Crew had its fair share of shortcomings – long loading times and a cumbersome interface among them – but it was a versatile and expandable racer that entertained over long periods of times. With several years of learning behind it, we reckon Ivory Tower can deliver something spectacular here – and as we mentioned at the start of the article, multiformat or not, the PS5 sure could benefit from this being good.

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