MLB The Show 23 PS5 Price Xbox Game Pass PS Plus 1
Image: Push Square

The shock and awe of this story has waned a lot over the past couple of releases, but for the third time in a row PS5 owners will be asked to pod out $69.99 for Sony’s very own MLB The Show 23, while Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play at no extra cost. The PS4 version will retail for $59.99. There’s currently no mention of any deals or offers for PS Plus members.

Sony has said in the past that it’s not sustainable to release first-party titles day one into a subscription service, but it’s somehow repeated this feat on three consecutive occasions now. While the MLB is technically responsible for publishing The Show on non-PlayStation platforms, the Japanese giant still wholly owns the developer behind the series and considers it part of its PS Studios portfolio.

Much like last year’s game, there’ll be full cross-play and cross-progression between all platforms, meaning you’ll be able to transfer your save data from the PS5 to Nintendo Switch while playing against Xbox owners if you like. Curiously, there’s no PC version yet again, and we can only assume San Diego Studio is concerned about hackers at this point.

The game’s Collector’s Edition will be officially announced on 2nd February, with pre-orders scheduled to go live on 6th February, ahead of a 28th March release date. As previously reported, the Miami Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm is the cover star of the standard version. A series of Feature Premieres, detailing gameplay improvements and modes, will deploy in the weeks leading up to launch.