2023 has the potential to be one of the best years in gaming for a long time, and that prospect hasn't been lost on Sony. The firm has published a new video that is designed to accompany a PlayStation Blog post it uploaded last week which highlights 23 anticipated games landing on PS5, PS4 this year.

While not every game has a confirmed release date so far, they are all slated for 2023. The full list Sony highlights is as follows, in order:

2023 is shaping up to be such a good year that a list of 23 PS5, PS4 titles can't cover everything that's on offer. There's also Diablo IV, Atomic Heart, Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and Dead Island 2. And that's just on the PlayStation side. Throw Xbox and Nintendo into the mix and you've also got Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Starfield, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to get excited about. If everything hits, we have got a fantastic 12 months ahead of us.

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