Sony Leak People Can Fly

Last week, several seconds of leaked footage from what is supposedly an unannounced Sony title appeared online. Described as a "sci-fi RPG" by the original leaker, it's apparently something that XDev is working on — the Sony studio that typically supports external developers in their PlayStation-based endeavours.

Given XDev's usual role, it's assumed that this project is being headed by a third-party studio, and naturally, people have been trying to work out which developer is behind the wheel. We've seen a lot of suggestions already, but the one that's gained the most traction is People Can Fly — the primarily Polish outfit that most recently released Outriders.

This all stems from a post on ResetEra, which points out that the leaked footage seems to feature the word 'RED' in the bottom right corner of the screen. 'RED' was the codename for a People Can Fly project, which the developer said was in the "concept development phase" back in 2021.

If you squint, the evidence starts to line up, especially since People Can Fly obviously has a lot of experience with third-person shooters — and the leaked project appears to be just that.

So, what do you make of all this? Are you a fan of People Can Fly? How much stock do you put in this rumour? Play the waiting game in the comments section below.