Image: Push Square

Even when you're out of the game, it seems you can easily be dragged back in. The Snitch, an incredibly reliable leaker of gaming news, announced their retirement from the role a short while ago. However, they've returned to their now-public Discord server to make one more leak — and it concerns PlayStation.

The Snitch states a "reliable source" has reached out to them on Twitter to say "PlayStation is about to announce third party stuff very soon". The tease stops short of providing any further detail, so this is of course wide open for speculation.

Although there's no further evidence to support this specific claim, there have been one or two things floating around for a while now. For example, a Metal Gear Solid remake has been rumoured for ages, and many believe this is what The Snitch is referring to. Other suggestions are a third-party focused State of Play, or some news relating to the upcoming PSVR2.

Given The Snitch's past track record, we're inclined to think there may be something to this. However, exactly what it's referring to is anyone's guess, so here's hoping we find out soon. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.