Nippon Ichi Software is celebrating its 30th anniversary with updates on two upcoming games. We learned more about Disgaea 7, in addition to Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles, a long-running series in Japan that is celebrating its own 25th anniversary. You can see a trailer for the latter above, which launches on PS5 in 2023.

Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles packages together two titles, Rhapsody II: Ballad of the Little Princess and Rhapsody III: Memories of Marl Kingdom, and marks the first time either has been released in the West. The Rhapsody series consists of light-hearted JRPGS with an emphasis on music and features a striking art style, and it will likely find a welcome home on PS5.

What do you think of Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles? Can you believe Nippon Icchi has been pumping out games for 30 years now? Gear up for the comments section below.