One Piece Odyssey

As if there was any doubt, the Trophy list for One Piece Odyssey might take you a while to complete. The full rundown of digital trinkets has been revealed via PSNProfiles, and it looks as though the JRPG may require a little grinding if you want that shiny Platinum.

A lot of the Trophies are tied to story progression, but you'll need to engage with the game's various systems in order to collect the rest. Among others, you must complete all the side stories, make every recipe, and open every locked treasure chest. Where things will get a little grindy is the need to win 300 battles, defeat challenge enemies twice each, and get all characters up to level 70.

It looks like there's a lot to do in Odyssey, and we imagine fans are excited to delve into it all on 13th January. Will you be shooting for the Platinum Trophy in this one? Extend those limbs in the comments section below.