Capcom has done an absolutely superb job of porting Monster Hunter Rise to PS5, says Digital Foundry. Their latest analysis reveals that the current-gen title provides a near perfect upgrade on the original Switch version, offering 60 frames-per-second across the board, while also boasting PC-like graphics options that you can tweak through the in-game menu.

You can go all-in on 60fps with the prioritise frame rate mode, opt for a nice balance with the default mode, or crank the visuals as far as they'll go in the prioritise graphics mode. And beyond these presets, you can adjust individual values like texture quality, shadow quality, and even vegetation sway.

Regardless of which settings you've selected, Rise always targets 60fps and almost always maintains it, even when you've pushed the graphics up to their limits — which is great to see.

Indeed, Digital Foundry seem genuinely impressed here, especially when it comes to the graphics-focused preset. According to their findings, the game actually "boosts the resolution to 125 percent scale", providing a 4800x2700 image at 4K resolution. "Or to phrase it another way, it's rendering at 4.8K — adding a form of brute force anti-aliasing by scaling a higher-res image down to 4K," Digital Foundry explains. Neat!

Clearly, Capcom's created something special with its RE Engine, which continues to be shockingly versatile.

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