Reverie Sweet As Edition PS5 PlayStation 5 Announcement

Fans of classic 16-bit adventure games, like Earthbound and especially The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, may be familiar with cutesy indie game Reverie, which is set on a fictional New Zealand island. The game was a very likeable escapade on PS4 and PS Vita, and it’s getting a PS5 re-release courtesy of a Sweet As Edition later in 2023.

This enhanced edition, already available on Nintendo Switch, comes with a few perks and improvements – including a Nightmare difficulty option, an additional minigame, and a quick-select item wheel mechanic. For those not familiar with the original, it’s a pretty neat summer holiday-style game, where you discover dungeons and mysteries lurking beneath pristine pixel art beaches.

It’s hardly going to be the most eye-catching release of the year, but if you haven’t played this on other PlayStation platforms yet, its breezy presentation and throwback gameplay makes it an enjoyable eight or so hour romp.