If you lived through the 90s like this particular author, you’ll be familiar with back ache and beer bellies. It turns out the 90s were actually an eternity ago – 30 years! – and certainly old enough to be nostalgic. They’ll also be the backdrop to the next game from the original Life Is Strange team, with developer Don’t Nod Montreal – the French developer’s satellite studio consisting of key creatives from the seminal episodic adventure game – sharing a tiny glimpse of what to expect.

The image, shared on Twitter, was accompanied by a recruitment drive. The firm is looking to bolster its team as work begins in earnest on a “new narrative game” project. Nice!

While the picture doesn’t give too much away, we can clearly see a classic CRT television, a VCR alongside a stack of video tapes, and a non-descript 16-bit games console. “Here’s a little glimpse of what Don't Nod Montreal is brewing,” the post states. “Does it bring back childhood memories?” Why yes, it does actually – consider us intrigued to learn more!

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