The big Hitman 3 update that includes the new Freelancer mode and turns the game into one that encompasses both Hitman and Hitman 2 is available now on PS5, PS4. Weighing in at anywhere from one to 8GB, this patch rebrands the series as Hitman - World of Assassination. All the content from the two previous rebooted entries is now housed under a single client. Maintenance on the game means it's not playable right now, but access will go live in the next few hours.

Hitman 3 owners get a free upgrade to this new edition, or newcomers can buy the whole collection for £31.89/$38.49 via a PS Plus discount available for one week. The price then goes up to £57.99/$69.99 once the offer expires.

Freelancer mode is what those already playing Hitman will want to boot up first, though. The new single player mode introduces roguelike elements as you go about eliminating targets and returning to a customisable safe house. Randomised mechanics will keep you on your toes, and there's not even a guarantee completing your objective will be possible. For a full list of patch notes and information on other changes made in January's 3.140 update, click the link.

Will you be taking Hitman's new Freelancer mode for a spin? Plan your approach in the comments below.