Sea of Thieves Xbox

Destruction AllStars team Lucid Games has today confirmed it's helping first-party Xbox studio Rare with the making of content for Sea of Thieves. According to a tweet, it sounds like the developer has been aiding development for a little while, but now the UK studio has made its support public as it produces more updates for the sea-faring experience on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It's now actively hiring across a variety of positions.

"We’re excited to announce that we are working with Rare Ltd on Sea of Thieves," it wrote on Twitter. "It’s been incredible supporting them on their thrilling pirate adventure & we can’t wait to see where this legendary voyage will take us!"

Destruction AllStars has been supported since its February 2021 launch on PS5 with new modes and events rotated in and out of the car battler. However, without any upcoming updates announced by Lucid Games and the title's Twitter account having fallen silent since October, it's possible the game may no longer be supported with content or patches.

Lucid Games was also the developer behind the Twisted Metal reboot before production was handed over to Firesprite Games, as we first reported at the start of last year. Publicly,though, it's now to the high seas for Lucid Games.