Frontier Foundry and developer KeokeN Interactive are just a few short weeks away from releasing Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to the well-liked Deliver Us the Moon. With not much time left between now and launch day, a brand new trailer has been released, teasing some of the story as well as showing short clips of gameplay.

If you're not caught up, Deliver Us Mars is a sci-fi narrative adventure set a decade after the events of the previous game. Astronaut Kathy Johanson is on a mission to save planet Earth, traveling to the red planet to collect the ARKs, devices are powerful enough to reverse climate change. However, that's not all, as Kathy also has a more personal reason to head to Mars. The gameplay will include some light exploration, traversal, and puzzles, but this is a largely narrative-driven adventure like its predecessor.

The game is due out on 2nd February 2023 for £24.99/$29.99. Are you interested in Deliver Us Mars? Prepare for launch in the comments section below.