Dead Space Remake PS5 Trophies

The Trophy list for the soon-to-be-released Dead Space remake are live, and let's just say that it won't be an especially easy Platinum. Without spoiling anything, most Trophies are dished out for completing story chapters and besting specific bosses — so they're all basically unmissable.

But then you dig a bit deeper, and you're looking at Trophies for beating the game on the hardest difficulty setting, and finishing up a playthrough on New Game Plus. This means that you'll have to complete the horror survival title at least twice to earn that top gong.

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Things arguably get even more spicy as we make our way down the list. You'll need to own every weapon, equip every upgrade, kill 30 enemies with with each individual armament, beat the game using only the iconic Plasma Cutter, and collect every schematic. Yep, this Platinum could end up being a bit of a grind.

Do you plan on absolutely hammering Dead Space when it releases next week? Think you might try for the Plat? Shave off some limbs in the comments section below.