Tchia PS5 PS4

It feels like we've been waiting on the arrival of Tchia for a very long time, but the gorgeous-looking indie title is finally on the horizon. Writing on the PS Blog, developer Awaceb confirms the cutesy action adventure is hitting PS5 and PS4 in Spring of this year.

To recap, Tchia is the name of the main character, a young girl who lives in an archipelago based on New Caledonia. That roughly translates to numerous lush islands to explore, with sandy beaches, volcanic areas, and dense tropics. With a colourful aesthetic, a large portion of your time playing will see you soul-hopping into other living things, meaning you can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, or roll like a coconut.

It's an open world game complete with side quests and various ways to interact with the environment and NPCs. The game just looks lovely, and we can't wait to run around those islands ourselves soon.

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