Fast and furious FPS Bright Memory: Infinite is receiving an update in honour of the Chinese New Year, which, along with the usual array of bug fixes and optimisations (and some DLC costumes which are only available on PC), is adding a Perspective-Assist mode. This mode will automatically shift the camera angle depending on what is going on in the game.

With the option activated, the game will be presented in the third person while protagonist Shelia is moving or firing a weapon from the hip. It will revert to first-person whenever aiming down the sights, grappling or using the Light Blade or any other combat abilities.

It's a pretty interesting conceit but one that might take a little getting used to. Combat in Bright Memory is fairly chaotic, and so this, in theory, should allow players more spacial awareness while moving but retaining that precision aim for when it counts.

Did you pick up Bright Memory: Infinite? What do you think of Perspective Assist mode, and are there any other games you think could benefit from a similar feature? Keep your eye on the prize in the comments section below.

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