Remember Black Myth: Wukong? It's that PS5 action RPG based loosely on Journey to the West, and has consistently looked amazing each time we've seen it. Well, developer Game Science has announced roughly when we can expect the title to arrive, and it's still a ways off.

The game won't launch on PS5 and other platforms until Summer 2024. While that'll be a blow to anyone excited for this Souls-like title, the studio has at least softened the impact with a brilliant short film. Presented in stop-motion animation, it depicts a rabbit excited to play Black Myth: Wukong, only to discover his PC is far too outdated. It's well worth a watch, even if the resulting news isn't quite what fans wanted to hear.

So, yes, there's still about 18 months (at least) until this elusive game shows up. Are you looking forward to Black Myth: Wukong? Journey into the comments section below.