A new Dead Island 2 gameplay showcase has revealed you'll be able to utilise zombie abilities via a Fury Mode — at least for a brief time — after being bitten. You're technically not a zombie, but you can then go on a bit of a rampage, clawing away at other members of the undead with your hands. The footage also reveals a large focus on parkour ala Dying Light 2, but unlike Techland's effort, there will be a big focus on guns alongside melee weapons. Check out the gameplay showcase above.

Across the 15-minute presentation — of which most is dedicated to a live-action trailer — it's revealed how you'll be able to customise your weapons with crazy mods and use them to down "big, small, smart, and noisy" zombies. Elsewhere, some "mad" characters are teased for the story set in a "zom-pocalypse". The showcase doesn't pull back the curtain anywhere near as much as we would have liked, but Dead Island 2 still seems to be shaping up nicely ahead of a 28th April 2023 launch on PS5, PS4.