Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is looking especially crisp in its latest gameplay trailer. It's a fairly short one, but the upcoming action RPG gives us a glimpse of several boss battles and a bunch of brutal finishing moves.

If you haven't been keeping up with Wo Long up until this point, it has a lot in common with the Nioh games, which, of course, were also developed by Team Ninja. However, you could argue that Wo Long's combat system is an evolution of what's come before, with a heavier emphasis on quick movement, parries, and counters. Meanwhile, the title's overall setting is based on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

Wo Long's set to release for PS5 and PS4 on the 3rd March, 2023. Are you looking forward to slaying monsters and warlords next year? Don't drop your guard in the comments section below.