What if volleyball was a cyberpunk-style future sport? That’s the blurb for Hyper Gunsport, a two-on-two sports game where you need to set and spike a ball – with firearms! Rallies increase the points on offer in this blood sport, upping the ante with each knock over the net. You’ll pick from one of two positions: a keeper who can’t move but has more ammo, and a striker who’s more mobile but has less shots.

The objective of the game is to, obviously, score more points than your opponent. There’s a full Circuit Mode for each team, which will see you work your way through several short stories, either in co-op or alone. You’ll also find local multiplayer for up to four players, but there’s no online option. The developer, Necrosoft Games, does note that you can use PS5 and PS4’s Share Play feature to play online if you want to.

Obviously that’s a big omission, but as a local multiplayer game, this looks fun. It’s already out on other platforms, but is taking a bit longer to make its way to Sony’s consoles – it’ll launch on 28th December, which is less than a week away.

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