Announced back in August, The Arcade Crew and JoyMasher's Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider now has a firm release date. It's a slight delay from its target of Fall 2022, but it's not too far off; the game comes to PS5 and PS4 on 12th January 2023.

For those that aren't clued in, the game is a slick, side-scrolling action platformer, sporting a 16-bit era style. Playing as the titular cyborg ninja Moonrider, you'll strike out against your creators and seek violent vengeance across 2D stages. It certainly looks the part with its fast-paced combat and huge bosses.

It looks like this will be a tough, engaging game for fans of old school action, and there's only six weeks or so before you can give it a spin. Are you interested in Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider? Leap into the comments section below.