One Piece Odyssey is taking the long-running anime in a new direction next year, adopting a turn-based combat system as opposed to the action that Straw Hat Pirate aficionados may be accustomed to. You’re probably going to want to try it out for yourself then, yeah? Well, fortunately publisher Bandai Namco has got your back, and is adding a demo to the PS Store on 10th January, 2023.

The full game will, of course, launch a few days later, on 13th January, 2023, but in this age of digital downloads, there’s no real obligation to pre-order early anymore – unless you really want a physical copy, of course. Either way, you’ll have a few days to try out the demo and make up your mind before rushing to your favourite retailer – all good.

There’s a new trailer above which should give you a flavour for the release’s cinematics. Is this one on your radar at all? Will you be giving the demo a whirl? Let us know in the comments section below.