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Train Sim World 3 and its various predecessors are deeply realistic simulators, with an outrageous eye for detail when it comes to railway machinery. The release of the Holiday Express is unexpected, then: it delivers a festive route set in a 1980s themed living room, complete with a Famicom on the floor and a classic CRT television.

Indeed, instead of navigating the intrepid stretch of track between Gravelly Hill and Erdington, you’ll be travelling from the fireplace to the sofa – in a miniature toy train! “[The add-on] sees players shrunk down in size as the driver of a miniature train set, threading its way between living room landmarks bathed in the warm glow of the fire,” the press release reads.

But there’s more to this expansion than meets the eye: “Players will have to hunt down a mischievous elf, causing mayhem in the final hours of Christmas Eve. Presents and batteries lie scattered around the room in need of tidying and the naughty step awaits once the elf has been captured. With the clock ticking down to midnight, using the train set to travel around the room will require setting the quickest route with points and switches to get to where you’re needed to save Christmas.”

As is the case with other Train Sim World 3 content, you’ll be able to import any other locos you own into the festive environment, so you’ll be able to drive a classic steam engine through the living room if you like. At just £7.99/$9.99 this is significantly cheaper than other add-ons, and should provide a welcome change of pace over the Christmas holidays.