Trails from Zero PS4 Update

Trails from Zero hasn't had an update on PS4 since its release back in September — and that's because it hasn't really needed one. The game runs perfectly fine on Sony's last-gen system, but as noted in our Trails from Zero PS4 review, it's a shame that additional improvements — upgrades available on PC and Nintendo Switch, specifically — weren't included on PS4.

It's interesting, then, that Trails from Zero is apparently getting its first PS4 patch "soon". This is according to publisher NIS America, having just confirmed that a new update is available on PC. "Updates will be coming to all platforms soon," it clarifies on Twitter.

Of course, fans are wondering whether this means that the PS4 version might be getting some of the aforementioned enhancements that are present on other platforms. Said enhancements comprise of reworked textures, a dialogue record, and a freshly added option that automatically scrolls text.

The PS4 version doesn't have these improvements because it's simply a localised re-release of the Japanese original. Meanwhile, the PC and Switch versions were handled by a dedicated porting team, which was given the freedom to adjust the experience.

However, we would advise against getting your hopes up for this patch. If the most significant upgrades were actually planned for PS4, NISA would probably be making a bigger deal out of it. But then, what's the point of this promised update? Well, it could be that the patch will fix simple text errors, or other minor issues. Still, it's strange that we're getting an update months after the game's release.

We'll be sure to cover this patch when it does drop, but until then, continue your crusade through Crossbell in the comments section below.