Those tech wizards at Digital Foundry are back, and this time, they've had a chance to go hands on with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition on PS5. Developer CD Projekt Red has already told us what to expect from the soon-to-release upgrade, which will boast two graphical modes and enhanced assets across the board, as well as a range of gameplay additions and improvements.

But how's the 'next-gen' version actually holding up? Well, Digital Foundry reckon it's all come together brilliantly. The publication writes: "The Witcher 3 on PS5 and Series X impressed hugely in the four hours we played it β€” and not just in the visual upgrades, which include reworked foliage, 4K textures and higher-quality models throughout. There are also significant quality of live improvements, like a revised camera and faster controls for using signs, the magic spells of the Witcher universe. All told, the game truly looks and plays better than ever before."

The report goes into a bit more detail, stating that the upgrade's 30 frames-per-second quality mode, which makes use of ray tracing, has a "transformative effect" on certain scenes thanks to greatly improved lighting effects.

Meanwhile, the 60fps performance mode is described as an "excellent alternative". Besides the frame rate, the only difference between the two graphics settings is the inclusion of ray tracing, which isn't available when playing at 60fps. Both modes offer all of the upgrade's enhanced textures and assets, at a 4K resolution (with dynamic scaling). Sounds good to us.

The only slight sticking point is that the performance option apparently dips below 60fps on occasion. Hopefully these drops aren't too prevalent.

Will you be going back to The Witcher 3 on PS5, when it launches on the 14th December? Sharpen your swords and then your senses in the comments section below.