Tekken 7 Sales 10 Million

Tekken 8 may have just received a rather stunning gameplay-based trailer, but it's actually time to write about Tekken 7 again. The ever-popular brawler has now surpassed a very impressive 10 million sales, which is frankly outstanding for a fighting game these days. Granted, Tekken 7's been around for a long time — the console version is over five years old now — but the fact that it's managed to maintain sales momentum is a big win for Bandai Namco.

Of course, Tekken 7's immense success will almost certainly be felt in Tekken 8, which has probably been handed a much bigger budget than its predecessor. The sequel doesn't have a release window yet, and we seriously doubt that it'll launch before key events like Evo 2023 in the summer of next year. As such, it's likely that we've got another lengthy stint of competitive Tekken 7 before it finally enters retirement.

Did you ever think that Tekken 7 would do so well for itself? Unleash a rage drive in the comments section below.

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