Street Fighter 6 Release Date leak

What's that? Another release date has been leaked through an online storefront? You better believe it! And this time, it's the turn of Street Fighter 6. According to the game's PS4 PlayStation Store page — as shared on ResetEra — the anticipated brawler is set to launch on the 2nd June, 2023. Sometimes these dates end up being placeholders, but that certainly doesn't look like one.

What's more, three editions of the game are listed: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The more expensive versions net you 'Special Titles and Stickers' as well as a 'Year 1 Character Pass' in the Deluxe Edition, and a 'Year 1 Ultimate Pass' in the Ultimate Edition.

It's highly likely, then, that an official release date announcement is coming soon. The Game Awards, anyone?

Were you expecting Street Fighter 6 to launch earlier than June? Or does it sound spot on? Unleash a super in the comments section below.

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