While there have been a handful of Transformers games on PlayStation since High Moon Studios’ acclaimed Cybertron series, it has been slim-pickings really. Transformers: Reactivate, announced overnight during The Game Awards, is certainly on our radar, then – it’s being developed by British studio Splash Damage, and promises a one to four-player online action experience based on a “new story” within the iconic universe.

The press release doesn’t mention which specific PlayStation platforms this will release on, so we’ll need to await confirmation on that front. A closed beta is due out in 2023, with no further launch plans communicated just yet.

“Transformers: Reactivate will offer players a chance to immerse themselves in the Transformers universe like never before,” the blurb explains. “They will get to play as some of their favourite characters; unique, weighty, and powerful, seamlessly converting between vehicle and bot form as they battle The Legion, the greatest threat the Autobots have ever faced.”

There’s not really much to go on here, but as long-time fans of Transformers, we’re eagerly anticipating Splash Damage’s take on the iconic series. We have fond memories of the online co-op modes in the War for Cybertron games, so hopefully this is able to live up to the legacy of those.

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