Sonic Frontiers PS5 PS4

SEGA will be having a merry Christmas this year with the success of Sonic Frontiers. The game, which takes the blue hedgehog to a semi-open world setting, establishes a solid new formula on which to build, and it seems that fans have rewarded the experiment.

A month out from release, it's now surpassed 2.5 million sales worldwide. The publisher confirms this is a combination of both physical and digital sales across all platforms.

Its success isn't too big a surprise; the franchise has always sold well, but it's the best-rated new 3D Sonic game in years, and the character has grown in popularity thanks to a pair of major movies.

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In fact, the blue blur's on a roll at the moment; with the aforementioned films, the Sonic Origins retro collection, and Netflix show Sonic Prime set to release on 15th December, now seems like a pretty good time for fans. As for Sonic Frontiers, it's set to receive a ton of post-launch support, with free content updates planned throughout 2023.

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