Capcom has confirmed a second Street Fighter 6 closed beta test will take place over the weekend beginning 16th December 2022 on PS5. Anyone who took part in the first one automatically qualifies for the second, and new players can apply through here. Due to code selling during the first beta, you'll need to link a Capcom ID to your application this time around. Redemption keys will be distributed in a lottery system rather than on a first-come-first-served basis.

The same content will be available in the second closed beta as was in the first, but this time around you'll be able to test a new feature to reduce input delay. "Turning this option on will shorten the gap between your inputs and the action happening on-screen," the Street Fighter website explains. "This is especially useful if you are using a monitor capable of displaying at 120Hz on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S."

And while you will have access to the same eight-character roster, some have been adjusted so they may play a little differently. For example, Chun-Li has had how many frames some of her moves take to perform changed while a few of Ryu's attacks have been now been made strikes instead of projectiles.

Street Fighter 6 PS5 PS4 2

Street Fighter 6 is still slated to launch for PS5, PS4 at some point next year, but a firm release date hasn't been shared yet. Will you take part in this second closed beta test? Fists at the ready in the comments below.