We've liked the look of Season ever since its announcement nearly two years ago. Initially planned to release in the latter months of this year, it was delayed into 2023, with no firm date attached. Now, developer Scavengers Studio is ready to announce exactly when we can all explore this picturesque adventure, and it's coming sooner than you think.

The game will launch on both PS5 and PS4 on 31st January 2023. It's available to pre-order on PS Store now, where it'll cost you $29.99. A demo of the game is also available right now on PS5, playable until 12th December.

To recap, the game sees you playing as a young woman who's exploring the world by bike, meeting people and collecting sights and sounds before everything is gone. An inevitable cataclysm is coming, so your aim is to record your surroundings and preserve those memories while you can. This involves recording audio, taking photos, having conversations with other characters, and cycling through the painterly environments.

Season will also make good use of PS5's bells and whistles. The DualSense's adaptive triggers work the bicycle's pedals, and change resistance depending on speed and incline. The haptic feedback will convey different surfaces as you travel. The console's 3D audio tech will enrich the soundscape and allow you to pinpoint where certain sounds are coming from. Finally, "near-instant" loading times mean there's no waiting around.

"It has been an absolute privilege to support the team delivering Season," says producer Margherita Seconnino. She describes the development as "a labor of love" for the team, which is spread across the world. "We want to deliver an experience that speaks to you as it spoke to us, and we hope we manage to achieve that."

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