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Image: Push Square

We thoroughly enjoyed Horizon Forbidden West when it launched back in February. While it's been several months since we've explored the post-post apocalyptic United States hunting robo-monsters, we'd be more than happy to shake off the rust and dive back in for more. The latest teaser from The Snitch, a reliable leaker, suggests it's coming.

Over on Twitter, the anonymous tipster posted the below image with no accompanying text:

While it's open to some interpretation, we're inclined to believe this is hinting at DLC for Forbidden West. For starters, the map shows the western coast of the USA, which is where Guerrilla's game takes you. Then there's the strange object above it, which looks just like a Focus — the small device Aloy wears on her temple.

If that wasn't enough, the blue line points southeast. Some fans believe this tells us the DLC will take us to the Burning Shores, a location mentioned once or twice in the main game and, yes, located to the south of the in-game map.

This is purely speculative at this point, but we feel like this is a fairly straightforward tease. Obviously we could be completely off the mark, but DLC for Forbidden West seems most likely to us based on what's shown here.

What do you think this tease is hinting at? Would you be up for another excursion with Aloy in Forbidden West? Travel south to the comments section below.

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