In case you missed it, Returnal is making the jump to PC in the near future. As far as we recall, it'll be the first PS5-only game to be ported to computers, save for the remaster package Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The system specs for Housemarque's third-person shooter have emerged via the Steam page, and it looks like it'll require a relatively beefy PC.

Under the recommended specifications, it lists 32GB of RAM, which is a bit of a rarity. The game will need 16GB of RAM at minimum, with double needed to hit that recommended level. It's quite unusual to see games of this level need more than 16GB, with modern, graphically taxing games asking no more than that.

Something else to bear in mind is that the PS5 has 16GB of unified memory, meaning no game makes full use of that figure; some of it is set aside for the console's UI, recording footage, and so on. Obviously there will be some technical differences between a PS5 and a decent PC, but the RAM requirement has nonetheless left some users scratching their heads. Some suggest the port may just be poorly optimised, but Sony's other games have all had great conversions so far.

Whatever the case, it seems Returnal will put your rig through its paces. Are you planning to play Returnal on PC? Do you have the recommended level of RAM? Break the cycle in the comments section below.

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