PS Stars 1

We didn't exactly expect to be writing about Wonderbook: Book of Spells in the month of December 2022, but then Sony has been making some rather deep cuts with its still relatively new PS Stars membership. The company has announced what digital collectibles members can earn this month, and one is a throwback to the time of the PlayStation Move and the title that definitely wasn't trying to be Harry Potter. If you own Wonderbook, you now have this digital collectible.

Today's update also brings with it the Tyrannosaurus Rex Digital Collectible. This is the check-in reward for the month so all you need to do is play any PS5 or PS4 game to earn it.

For those looking to earn Points to exchange them for PS Store credit, this month's range of PS Plus Essential titles will give you 50 points. Just play any one of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, or Divine Knockout once they're available for free. To earn even more points, from 6th December 2022 you should play any of these co-op titles:

Have you been keeping up with PS Stars? If not, check out our PS Stars guide for more help and information, then let us know your favourite digital collectible in the comments below.