Final Fantasy 16 Moogle

Moogles have long been the mascots of Final Fantasy — well, alongside Chocobos. And Catuars. And Tonberries, kind of. Anyway, it's Moogles we're talking about today, because Square Enix has confirmed that the furry little creatures will appear in Final Fantasy XVI.

As reported by Gematsu, a whole three seconds of Moogle footage has been shared as part of the celebrations for Final Fantasy's 35th anniversary. We're delighted to confirm that the game's Moogles look like classic Moogles — the best Moogles — and thankfully, Square Enix hasn't messed about with their iconic design.

Moogles have often appeared in Final Fantasy games to offer aid to players. In the beloved Final Fantasy IX, for example, they act as save points, and in Final Fantasy VI, they're actual party members. We wonder what kind of role they'll play in Final Fantasy XVI...

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