Persona 3 Portable PS4 Trophies

You'll have to play through Persona 3 Portable twice on PS4 to unlock that all-important Platinum, the game's recently released Trophy list reveals. All in all, it's a fairly predictable list, but it's probably going to take most players a significant amount of time to unlock everything — especially if you're playing through Persona 3 for the first time.

As alluded, though, arguably the biggest obstacle is a gold Trophy titled 'A Pair of Wild Cards', which asks you to complete the game with each protagonist. For those who might not know, one of Persona 3 Portable's main selling points back in the PSP days was that you can choose to play as either the original male lead, or a new female lead. Your choice doesn't impact the core story to any significant degree, but it does alter dialogue, while also changing available romance options.

Other potentially tricky Trophies include maxing out all of your social links (which may take two playthroughs anyway!), dealing over 999 damage with one attack, and defeating some especially difficult optional bosses.

Put next to Persona 4 Golden — which releases on the same day, the 19th January — it's safe to say that Trophy hunters will have their work cut out for them. Golden, by the way, has the same list as it did on PS Vita — and that was already one heck of a grind.

Think you'll be trying for the Persona 3 Portable Plat? Start planning out your playthrough in the comments section below.