The highly acclaimed indie title Neon White appeared on the PS Store yesterday, more or less confirming it was coming. Now, developer Angel Matrix and publisher Annapurna Interactive have officially confirmed the port, with the game running onto both PS5 and PS4 very soon.

The PlayStation editions of the unusual, first-person speedrunning game launch on 13th December. As written on the PS Blog, the PS5 version received some special attention thanks to the console's fancy features. The current-gen version of the game will feature 120fps support on compatible displays, minimal loading times, gyroscopic aiming, and adaptive trigger and haptic feedback implementation.

For those who don't know, Neon White is a game in which you must purge demons from heaven in short levels intended to be beaten as quickly as possible. Weapons are represented by cards and can be used to kill demons, but they all have a secondary effect you can use for platforming, which burns the card. The game becomes a balancing act as you figure out the optimal route to the goal while ensuring to kill all the baddies on the way. Chasing those higher ranks and lower times is very moreish indeed. Oh, and in the downtime, there's visual novel storytelling where you get to know your fellow demon hunters.

We're excited to put this through its paces when it arrives in just a couple of weeks. Are you keen for Neon White on PS5 and PS4? Speed into the comments section below.