Like a Dragon Ishin Early Access

Hmmmm, we've never been big fans of this practice, but SEGA has done it before, and it's doing it again: Like a Dragon: Ishin! will be playable four whole days before its release date if you pre-order the game digitally (that's through the PlayStation Store on PS5 and PS4). The four days of "early access" are being specifically promoted as a pre-order bonus.

Like a Dragon: Ishin!'s official release date is the 21st February, 2023 — so digital pre-orders will get you in from the 17th February, 2023. Again, Ishin! isn't the first title to ever do something like this, and we doubt it'll be the last, but paying for earlier access has always seemed a bit dodgy to us. Alas...

Do you think you might take advantage of this offer? What do you think of games doing early access like this? Hesitate when reaching for your wallet in the comments section below.