The Snitch Internet Leaks 1
Image: Push Square

Infamous video game leaker The Snitch is giving up the riddles and retiring from rumourmonging. The notorious whistle blower unleashed a slew of cryptic clues for a variety of games, spanning everything from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion’s remaster through to Monster Hunter Rise’s impending conversion to PS5 and PS4. His track-record was flawless, although as his reputation grew, his clues got increasingly ambiguous – at times, annoyingly so. But now, his five minutes of online fame are over!

In an interview with Insider Gaming, he said “it’s not much fun leaking new announcements anymore”, and that he’s going to dedicate his time to his Discord server instead. There was speculation that The Snitch had backend access to a platform such as YouTube, so he could see private videos when they were uploaded by major publishers. “It’s a fun theory,” he said in response to the idea.

The Snitch said that his leaks were never malicious, and he only ever targeted major publishers: “I am fully aware of the damage that even a small and simple leak can do to the work of people that have spent many months or years on a game. In fact, we can say that I have dedicated myself to giving clues for users to speculate, rather than just direct leaking. It’s going to sound narcissistic and pushy, but I’m sure I even helped some events get more visibility.”

Of course, video game rumourmongers never truly disappear, and there’s no doubt someone will eventually emerge to fill The Snitch’s place. For now, though, the cryptic clues and riddles have been put on ice.