Bloober Team Private Division Development Fund 1

You may be forgiven for thinking Polish developer Bloober Team has a lot on its plate, what with its Silent Hill 2 remake and soft reboot Layers of Fears. But no, apparently the developer is up to its neck in jump scares, as it’s signed a third project with publisher Private Division. This will be a brand new survival horror property, and is not expected to launch before 2025.

“Our next project is an exciting new survival horror game, which will help us become a leader in the horror industry at large,” said Bloober Team’s bigwig Piotr Babieno. “I am grateful for this cooperation with Private Division. Their expertise is extensive, and their people are also very approachable. We don't perceive them in a typical ‘publisher-developer’ relationship; they’re more like a friend who shows us support or keeps us in line when we need it most.”

The project has been announced to celebrate Private Division’s fifth anniversary, and the launch of a new funding initiative from the firm. For those of you who don’t know, the label is a subsidiary of Take-Two, and exists to support small independent teams and help get promising projects off the ground. The aforementioned Private Division Development Fund will assist with that.