There have been many rumours circulating about the Horizon franchise. Apparently, Guerrilla has partnered with another studio to make a mobile spin-off, and of course there's the scuttlebutt about a potential Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster. One rumour that's persisted for a while, though, is an online multiplayer spin on the series. Well, it's not a rumour anymore — Guerrilla has now directly mentioned it.

In a big recruitment drive for the Amsterdam studio, the social media post talks up an "Online Project set in Horizon's universe":

"Featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylised look, friends will be able to explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together," the post continues. A whole bunch of open positions follow across various fields.

So, there we go. A Horizon online multiplayer game is in the works, and Guerrilla is staffing up for it as we speak. We're certainly intrigued — some PvE action where you team up to take down the game's huge machines sounds great to us, and we wonder what the game's "stylised" visuals will look like. Anyway, whatever it is, it's probably a ways off.

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