What if Street Fighter was a music rhythm game? And no, we’re not referring to PS Vita deep-cut KickBeat, for those of you screaming into the comments! God of Rock is inspired by traditional 2D fighters, but its combat system is focused entirely on button matching, like you’d find in titles such as Hatsune Miku and Rock Band Unplugged.

The twist here is that it is still a fighting game at heart, so if you’re matching buttons properly, you’re either blocking or attacking – depending on how accurate your opponent is playing, too. As you progress through the battle, you’ll unlock special moves which can impede your opponent – and even ultras which will help you to let rip. The game’s not about beating the song, but beating your opponent.

And you’ll be able to experience it all for yourself from 18th April, 2023 on PS5 and PS4. There’ll be 12 characters, eight stages, and over 40 original songs included at launch, with more to follow thereafter. It’s certainly an interesting idea, even though we don’t think the developer has quite pulled off its intended artstyle. Nevertheless, this may be one to watch.

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