The original Goat Simulator was supported after launch for a very long time with numerous DLC packs, and it looks like the sequel is heading the same way. Available today is a free content update for Goat Simulator 3, allowing you to get into the holiday spirit.

With the latest patch installed, you'll have access to various festive treats in the form of cosmetics, most of which have passive effects or interactive abilities. For example, Elf Shoes sound jingle bells as you walk, the Santa Hat makes snow fall, and the Elf Hat lets you fire snowballs, giving NPCs a snowman head.

There's more: the Lights Machine Gun allows you to place festive lights on nearby walls (that electrocute people), and the Sack & Sleigh allows you to wrap objects and people up into presents. Beyond that, you can turn your goat's horns into a menorah, put on an ugly festive jumper, and pop a lucia crown on your noggin.

It's a pretty nice update that should provide fans with plenty more opportunity for chaos — this time in the spirit of the holiday season. Will you be celebrating with Goat Simulator 3? Headbutt the comments section below.