One of the newest additions to Sony's PS Studios group is Firesprite. The developer is PlayStation's largest first-party studio in the UK, easily dwarfing Media Molecule and London Studio, but we still haven't learned a huge amount about it. That's where this new video, which aims to profile the 10-year-old studio, comes in.

As stated in the vid, the team is currently best known for its rogue-like horror game, The Persistence. However, its current project is PSVR2's flagship game Horizon Call of the Mountain, which it's producing in tandem with Guerrilla Games. As development manager Daniel Jones mentions, there are multiple projects in the pipeline. "The stuff that we have in development at the moment is unbelievable, and it really is because of the people who are working here, which are gonna make these absolutely world-beating games."

He adds that it was the pedigree of the staff that attracted him to Firesprite in the first place. "It still kind of blows my mind when I look around and see people who have worked on my childhood games," he says.

Managing director Graeme Ankers talks about the studio's open culture: "Everyone can talk, and everyone can contribute," he says, adding the team is set up around the idea that "Every Sprite has a voice".

It's not going to answer all your burning questions, but it's a neat video. Hopefully Sony spotlights its other teams in a similar way. We're excited to see Firesprite's first major release with Horizon Call of the Mountain, which should look great in PSVR2 owing to its experience with virtual reality.