Tekken 8 PS5 PlayStation 5 Character Gallery 1

A ton of Tekken 8 characters were confirmed in the title’s anticipated The Game Awards trailer, but some of the appearances were blink and you’ll miss it affairs. In the aftermath of Geoff Keighley’s big event, here’s official artwork of the eight announced characters so far: Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Jack-8, Lars Alexandersson, Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and King.

While some of the designs, like King and Marshall Law, will be instantly familiar, we’re quite enjoying Paul Phoenix’s grizzled new biker look – as well as Jack-8’s ostentatious armour. Which is your favourite design thus far? Who else are you hoping makes the launch day roster? Juggle some thoughts into the comments section below.

[ Thanks, Greatsong1 ]

[source eventhubs.com]