Depending upon when you read this, The Callisto Protocol is out today on PS5 and PS4. But that doesn’t mean developer Striking Distance Studios is done with the game. In addition to the previously announced Season Pass, the firm has confirmed there’ll be a free update on 7th February, which will include New Game+ and Hardcore Mode. These will be available to everyone who owns the game.

The first phase of the aforementioned Season Pass will also start on 7th February, with the Outer Way Skin Collection. This will be followed by the controversial Contagion Bundle in March, which will add new death animations for protagonist Jacob, and the Riot Bundle in April, which will feature fresh death animations for foes. Finally, there’ll be new story content in the summer.

Why is this getting detailed just prior to the title launching? Well, it’s because generally publishers don’t want you to immediately trade in single player games, so they’ll often release a roadmap to help encourage you to hold onto your copies. In this case, we reckon the post-launch support is looking relatively robust – we’re especially looking forward to that New Game+ option.