Fortnite Fracture PS5 PS4 Live Event 1
Image: Push Square

Fortnite’s anticipated Season 3 Chapter 4 finale looks to have been a rare misfire from Epic Games, with fans puzzled by the event. After a lobby sequence that involved little more than a television with a countdown, fans were understandably expecting another epic set-piece from the ground-breaking live service game.

Instead, what ensued was a poorly executed Easter egg hunt. Following the obliteration of Fortnite Island, players were tasked with navigating a small sandbox area, completing quests to earn Zero Point fragments. This, over time, helped pull in landmarks and locations that fans will be familiar with, unlocking more quests.

The loop clearly wasn’t for everyone, though. We joined a party of three other strangers, two of whom left after approximately 15 minutes. We also noticed the environment in general became less populated as time went on, suggesting fans were getting fed up of the event. Personally, it took us several minutes to understand what we were even meant to be doing, and once we’d finally sussed it we were eager for it to be over.

The upshot of it all is that Fortnite Island has been reformed – sort of! The event ended with a shot of the new map off in the distance, and the game is now temporarily offline. We’ll bring you more information on the incoming Chapter 4 Season 1 as we get it, but for now, we did spot The Incredible Hulk and YouTuber Mr Beast in the concluding cinematic trailer. You can watch that below:

While the new season is exciting, we can’t imagine the feedback will be kind to this bizarre finale!